February 5th 2016

Had a call for help from a vet that was going to be evicted from his place if rent wasn't paid up by the beginning of the week. Talked to his landlord that was gracious and willing to let him go until the end of the week to get payment. We put him in touch with other resources to help, the CVMA picked up a portion and the CVR donated $200 so the vet will be able to stay and he's getting back on his feet to become self sufficient.   

January 29th 2016

Air Force veteran and victim of domestic violence needing help with a place for her to get on her own. She has gotten help with most of her rent and is only needing $100. The CVR is taking care of that.   

January 29th 2016

Theresa Hart contacted me with a young Iraq vet and Purple Heart recipient that has had his VA benefits suspended due to a government snafu. Obviously he is struggling with things until his claims get back in line but the priority is his storage unit in Oregon that is going to auction off all the contents on the 1st if the bill isn't paid. Theresa picked up half and the CVR picked up the other half of the $260 bill. I also talked with the vet of employment and financial resources to help steer him through the maze.  

January 21st 2016

Same vet we helped yesterday forgot about the pro rated rent he had to come up with by the 1st of the month. The CVR donated $52.43 for his pro rated rent. 

January 20th 2016

Goodwill industries of North Idaho contacted me about a vet that is moving into a new place and needed us to help with his application fee of $31.50. Easy. 

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