Received a call from the American Legion in Colville regarding a veteran that is homeless and out in the cold. We agreed to put him up in a hotel until veteran's resources can help out. The hotel owner is also wanting to help us much as possible as well. The CVR donated $200 towards the homeless vet's hotel stay.  


The VA contacted us about a female veteran that was having difficulty getting into housing for quite some time. She was able to pay the rent but was struggling to come up with the deposit. A representative from the VA was able to meet up on her behalf and the CVR helped with $200 towards her deposit. 


A national guardsman was transferred to Spokane from South Dakota two months ago and has had trouble finding solid employment but rent is still due for his family. Since he hasn't been a Spokane resident for a year Spokane County Veteran's Resources isn't able to help. 

The CVR helped with $200 and he is also working with the Spokane Readiness Center Employment transition specialist.


Had a vet that his wife left him abruptly, leaving him with bills to clean up as well as needing money to find a new place. The CVR donated $107.80 to help with cable and telephone so that he is able to move forward in a new place. 


Marine vet came up from California recently and had trouble finding work so he fell behind in his rent. A few of us met him at the clubhouse and directed him to several other resources to help since we couldn't cover the large amount of rent due. The CVR helped with $200 and hopefully all the other organizations can pitch in.

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